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Saturday, August 24, 2013

End of Day One

Today. Wow, today. As always, the first day of Ludum Dare was the most hectic. This time though, it was taken to a whole new level for me. I've don Jam groups before... But this time involved about 10 people in on the design and brainstorming. It was a powerhouse of shouted thoughts and eagerly expressed ideas. The amount of energy was truly exhilarating at times! We managed to pump out A LOT of cool ideas, and even more joke ones. QWOP was something that we discussed a lot, especially in how the mechanics of it could be applied to a ten-second themed game. There was something about a plane and the exiting thereof during a crash, there was a game about hilarious speed dating... It was great. We ended up settling on a top-down-tactical-squad-based-bank-robbery-sim-thingy. Go us! :D Time for teh bedz now, but we'll have more progress to post tomorrow. ^_^

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