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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Recap of Utah Indie Games Night 9/25

Tonight, I had the wonderful opportunity to do the formal presentation! I love indie game night, but this night was something on the special side for me. I feel like I was able to share some great information with some great people, and that is extremely gratifying. I spoke on HTML5 Game Development and Monetization. Here's the link to it, but you can also view it inline below!

Anyways, after my presentation, there were some fantastic games demoed. The brilliant artwork by the students at UVU working on Cape Chronicles, the simple and beautiful gameplay by Trent at Thunderhead Interactive in his game Lightfloor (?), and impressive gameplay/tech demo from Mike Daly in his game Mayflower: The Seeker, and numerous others were there to capture the imagination and attention of the community.

It's always great to see such a wonderful community, and we had an amazing turnout! It seemed to me like we tripled the attendance of the last meeting! Best wishes to all of you game devs out there.