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Monday, October 17, 2011

Warlock Is Coming Along (First Look)

So far, I have a couple of the basic skills, some basic AI, collision detection, movement, and about half of the map generator DONE. The focus now is going to be working out the various skills, then working on a more complicated AI for each of the characters. I really do hope that I'll be able to release some time in this month!

Without further ado, here's a screenshot of what the game looks like now:

Sunday, October 16, 2011

More Art

This is very similar to the last post, but here's some colored and more precise examples. These still aren't finished though:

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Map Artwork!!

I've got some more new artwork to show you guys! Working with another fantastic person from deviantart, the game is now going to have some professionally drawn game tiles! This artist is Victor Cabanelas, and he has been wonderful to work with. I've only got some sketches for you for now, but here they are:

I'm excited for these to be implemented into the game, and for them to be finished. Note that some of these are not shown from an orthographic top-down perspective, but they will be in the finished product.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Enigma, The Shadow Backstory

A woman of little mercy, Enigma is just as her name suggests. She is a mystery to even the gods, who fail to comprehend her need for despair. They will never be able to fully understand her, as their existence is a polar opposite to her. Some say that she is the opposite of being a demigod, some say she is nothing but a human whose lover was murdered and now seeks to bring others to her level. Regardless, she has made the mission of her existence to maim, murder, and mutilate.
She cares not why the gods choose to put her in their tournaments of death, only that they continue to do so. Her  humanity long gone, she is now death incarnate, the Soul Reaper, One Who Walks With Death, and many other such names given to her by mortals ignorant of her purpose.
In point of fact, she was once human. Long before the Elders of Aegeis met in council for the first time in the Year of Great Harvest, Enigma was happy. Destined for greatness, she had mastered her fathers teachings in magic by the age of twelve. She could adeptly practice the same spells as those with decades more practice than she.
The next year, she was going to start higher education. She had been accepted as a pupil of the Elders, and was expected to quickly rise as their leader. Unfortunately for her, and for the rest of the world, she never had this opportunity. The Cult of Dominion had seen to that.
As she was running errands for her father at the market, she was approached by an old man seeking some help getting his groceries home. As he led the willing young girl to a dark back alley, she realized something was amiss, and felt the darkness seeping from his frail body. As it turned out, this man was the host for the Avatar of the Titan Dominatus. He pushed her up against the wall, and her essence left her, her body no longer her own. The girl whose name has since been forgotten was now the Avatar of Dominatus, and she would not be easily forgotten.
The Avatar left the market, and returned to her bodies home. She slaughtered her bodies parents. She slaughtered the neighborhood. She went to the Elders, and managed to kill 7 of the nine before the Grandmaster could put her into a stasis able to contain her long enough to figure out what to do. In the end, they forced her into the space between spaces, the non-existence that is emptiness, with the help of the gods. There she burns in agony, twofold because none other may suffer with her, and because she shares her body with the Avatar.
She will hunt you.
She will burn you.
She will take the fears you hold in the deepest recesses of your mind, and paralyze you with them.
You will burn.

They Ask How I Do It

1. Google is your friend!
2. Support from family, friends, and a girlfriend!
3. Dubstep...
4. Spotify!
5. THIS.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Enigma, The Shadow

Here's a rough draft of Enigma The Shadow, one of the warlocks kept in reserve by the gods. There are some very talented artists over at deviantart.com, this one in particular happens to be Jane Barrie. Thanks much to her!

Also, expect some background for her very soon... ;)


I've decided that my current focus is going to be a game I've named Warlock.
The idea is this: Powerful warlocks are brought from across the multiverse to fight in The Arena for the gods' pleasure. They use their abilities and location to gain whatever advantage they may. For instance, one room in The Arena is a temple, surrounded by lava. As the game progresses, the lava continues upward, drowning the map. You can use your abilities to push people into the lava, pull down a statue around their ears, or simply evade them until the moment to strike is right.
There will be some stories and illustrations forthcoming, so bear with me as we explore this new setting together!


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