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Saturday, August 24, 2013

End of Day One

Today. Wow, today. As always, the first day of Ludum Dare was the most hectic. This time though, it was taken to a whole new level for me. I've don Jam groups before... But this time involved about 10 people in on the design and brainstorming. It was a powerhouse of shouted thoughts and eagerly expressed ideas. The amount of energy was truly exhilarating at times! We managed to pump out A LOT of cool ideas, and even more joke ones. QWOP was something that we discussed a lot, especially in how the mechanics of it could be applied to a ten-second themed game. There was something about a plane and the exiting thereof during a crash, there was a game about hilarious speed dating... It was great. We ended up settling on a top-down-tactical-squad-based-bank-robbery-sim-thingy. Go us! :D Time for teh bedz now, but we'll have more progress to post tomorrow. ^_^

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

I had some pre-LD feels, so I wrote about it.

Three years ago, I discovered a wonderful new thing called “game jamming”. At that point in my coding career, nearly all of my experience had been in small utility applications, written piecemeal as pet projects. The idea of writing video games had always intrigued me, but beyond the WC3 map editor, I had never actually done anything in that area. A friend brought to my attention the “Global Game Jam”, and I was hooked on the idea. I decided at that point to take a year to develop my chops, and get to where I felt comfortable joining in on this fun concept.

A few months into this, I discovered another awesome thing (and no, not through @Notch): Ludum Dare. With the GGJ having come and passed for that year, I decided I would enter LD 21. It ended up starting on my 18th birthday, and I chose to celebrate it here, with all of you wonderful people. I enjoyed that first LD so much that I have made it a point to not miss a single one since. Family reunions, sickness, even *women* haven’t been able to keep me away.

This LD is the 2 year mark since I started participating. I turned 20 yesterday, so this weekend is my delayed party. I cannot wait to enjoy this LD, and many more in the future. This Jam is something to look forward to throughout the year for me. It has been an escape, a time when I can turn from the more bitter parts of the world for just a while and make something that is in its own right beautiful. It has been an adventure, where I’ve learned my way around the game industry and coding at large. It has been a networking and social experience, where I have met good business partners and even better friends. It has been amazing, a true life changing event in every way.

There is thanks in order for our lovely organizers: Christopher Kaitla and Mike Kasprzak. Without them, none of this could have ever happened. Thanks also to all of the great people throughout who have provided keynotes for the event. Thanks to all of those who participate, for making this the friendly learning experience that it is. That’s right, thank *YOU*, random Ludum Dare participant.

I hope we can all have another wonderful LD experience. Good luck, and have fun!