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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Global Game Jam Post-Jam Write Up!

Fun. It's all about fun. In the end, fun is what was had, and fun is what I looked forward to. I met people, I learned new things, and above all, I had FUN!!!
This has been a fantastic experience over all! It differs from LudumDare, in that I was able to really expllore the social aspect of a game jam. Indeed, it brought the entire dev experience to an entirely new level for me. This has been my first major experience with a team that included non-programmers, and was larger than two people. Overall, just a great experience!
AS far as takeaway goes, PLEASE UNITY FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THAT IS HOLY LET SUBVERSION DO ITS JOB!!!!!!! In other news, a great team lead really makes things come together, and we certainly had one. The only major screw-up we had was to do with Unity, so not really our fault.
I'll post a link to the game soon...

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